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Relax and unwind after an active day in the Zillertal mountains in our sauna and spa area. The harmonious architecture and the stylish interior design in our aparthotel ensure a soothing, feel-good atmosphere, in the relaxation area in particular. The aromatic wood, the pleasant stone flooring and natural lighting create an ambience of calm serenity. Guests can make use of 3 different saunas – a Finnish sauna, a bio pine sauna and an infrared cabin.


The word sauna comes from the Finnish language and basically means a room made of wood. The Finnish sauna, which offers one of the most traditional types of sweating, is a centuries-old tradition. Our Finnish sauna is set at a temperature of between 85°C and 88°C with a relatively low humidity of 10% to 30%. After the sauna session, which should last for roughly 8 to 15 minutes, you can cool down in the resting room in front of it. You can also make use of the refreshing footbath.


The bio sauna has a temperature of around maximum 70°C and a humidity level of up to 45%. The bio sauna is good for the skin and boasts health-boosting properties. The soothing aroma of the Swiss pine is said to have a life-prolonging effect.


The infrared cabin warms the body not only by means of hot air temperature as, for example, in the Finnish sauna, but by means of infrared radiation created by infrared emitters. This creates a pleasantly soothing feeling of warmth, deep relaxation and intensive therapeutic sweating. The air temperature, however, remains relatively low at around 40°C to maximum 60°C which makes it more comfortable to breath and gentler on the circulatory system and it improves the supply of oxygen to the body.
The infrared cabin also has a positive effect on muscular tension, joint problems and rheumatism and has been proven to have a preventive effect on cardiovascular disorders.


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